Tuesday, September 13

on a sleeper train

The blog is La Ville Inconnue, the blogger is Carys and the model is Carys' sister. One evening while catching up on some blog reader I came upon this photo set and was pretty much blown away. I love everything about it - her sweater, her hat, her stare,  the lighting, that it's on a sleeper train, her face and that Carys took the photos of her sister, casually, and the result is just stunning, I think.


giselaandzoe said...

very cute, and love the over all lighting of the pictures.

Louise, Raspberries In Winter said...

Love the red nails.

Solanah said...

I looooove her blog, and Carys is so sweet! Great set, very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

very very very cute the pictures <3


Unknown said...

im nodding with agreement just now xo

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