Saturday, July 9

found objects

This week, while tiding up and rearranging I decided to get rid of a vase of dried flowers I'd had in the house for ages. When I pitched the flowers in the compost out came a pair of my glasses I had been missing for about TWO years (at first I thought it was only one year, but it has actually been two!). I was so so excited, I had searched for them so many times. How they ended up in a vase (along with a measuring tape) I'll never know. The timing is pretty funny though as I recently ordered a new pair of glasses and they are due to arrive today. 

I also found a bin of my own summer clothes in the basement and in it was this super comfy dress. I'm so happy the house is coughing up things I have once loved and can love again!

nautical stripe dress  thrifted
copper triangle necklace  thrifted
leather sandals  thrifted


Anonymous said...

I love the dress! It's pretty much the perfect dress for summer.

Stray Nabee said...

black and white stripes are my favorite! not to mention how cute is this cut?

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

This is one of those mysteries that you'll probably wonder about for years to come. "Remember when I found my glasses in a vase of flowers?" Perhaps a child was playing hide and go seek? Love your striped dress!

Anonymous said...

Great dress and B/W or navy is back in style big time.

Maybe someone was using your glasses to read the tape measure and stashed both when they thought they were going to get caught?

thatdamngreendress said...

I lurve this dress- I think I've been trying to buy a version of it for years at thrift stores!

I lost my glasses in January and only found them 3 months later IN THE EXACT PLACE I'D BEEN LOOKING for 3 moths...weird.

thatdamngreendress said...

er...months I mean- it would be nice to measure time in lepidoptera...

Alexandra said...

perfect dress!
love it <3

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