Tuesday, April 21

Holme Shop

If ever I had the power, time and wherewithall, I'd move my shop from Etsy into it's own space. Until now I have never really seen a shop that sells vintage on it's own that I felt had the look and feel of something I'd like to present. Until today! Check out this awesome shop, Holme there's vintage and some stuff that appears non-vintage and the presentation is great along with a GREAT pricepoint! I'll be watching them carefully!

Update: and watch carefully I did, watched myself crumble in weakness and buy that delicate white blouse (like I knew I would all along. Don't you just sometimes KNOW you'll buy something and it's just a matter of time?)


Rachael Kearley said...

such great stuff, thanks for the amazing find!!

littlebyrd said...

They have a great look - I see what you getting at. I think you should keep that idea of opening a shop in your head. Although - You are doing really really well on Etsy :)

anabela / fieldguided said...

I saw it last week, and yeah, it's so great, so stylish! Not to sound like a crankypants, but I can't stand a lot of eBay vintage sellers anymore, with their models making annoying faces and standing like marionettes!

Your shop and this one could be twins, though!

Anonymous said...

First blouse is gorgeous!

g/d said...

Thanks Lauren!!


kelse said...

wow, that white dress is beyond amazing x

Anonymous said...

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